Waitrose reaches for the Wasabi, slices up the Sushi and hey presto!

By all accounts Waitrose had a good Olympics.

Sales of sushi soared on the back of the Sushi Daily partnership, a shop-in-shop concept available in larger stores; and heavy coverage of the Tokyo Olympics on BBC TV.

According to the Grocer, a UK trade magazine, Waitrose saw much heavier online shopper traffic to its ‘entertainment’ section where sushi was promoted.

The partnership with Sushi Daily is interesting, I have no inside details but it seems:-

  1. Sushi Daily are not exclusive to Waitrose. Asda also have some concessions as do several other retailers in Europe
  2. The founder has a long history in Japanese food – outside of Japan
  3. Given the wide range of Sushi on display, challenges of stock management and so on, it makes better business sense to outsource
  4. Are there any Japanese suppliers involved? Highly unlikely.

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