A practical guide to taking your business global

The 2021 edition highlights how firms can prosper in the post Covid-19 world including changing business model, dialling up e-Commerce and social media activities; and out sourcing sales & marketing functions.

Export and Expand is written for consumer focused companies and is based on the author’s 30 years of experience working with FMCG, healthcare, retail and distributors in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. 

The book covers the 8 essential steps in expanding globally from prioritising export markets, deciding who to target, finding the right Go-to-Market partners, product development and branding, the export team, selling and negotiation, marketing for sell-thru and creating a robust export business plan.

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There is also a Japanese version of Export & Expand 

Export & Expand 2021
"An excellent step by step road map for the entrepreneur who wants to explore alternative opportunities of growth for his business beyond boarders. The author's fluency in the languages of brand, category, consumer and shopper is remarkable. A one stop shop comprehensive manual which orients the reader in where to play the export game and how to win it."
"The author of this book certainly has strong knowledge of international business and real life experience. He has been able to translate that knowledge into a book that is easy to read and understand. It is well structured, comprehensive, very practical, and provides its readers with many tools and techniques. It will help you understand the key dynamics of your industry, design a strategy, develop your plans, build capabilities and implement those plans. The book is based on practical insights and as a result is highly informative and useful. I definitely recommend - Export and Expand: A Practical Guide to International Growth - if you are looking to expand your business internationally or enhance your understanding of export and international business."