Japan sports equipment

The Japanese love sport! Learn how your brand can succeed tomorrow in this $11 billion market! 

Japanese anglers in Nagasaki

The EU-Japan centre kindly asked me and my colleague Hiro Tsujioka to write a report on Japan’s sport equipment market. They have recently published it on their website.

We’re also giving a webinar on this topic on the 28th June 2022. To access the report and webinar you’ll need to register with the Eu-Japan centre.

In our report we focused on Golf, Outdoor pursuits like Camping, Fishing, Cycling, Football (soccer), Tennis and Winter Sports.

I go to Japan’s ski resorts whenever possible, and you may be surprised to know there are almost as many ski reports here as in North America. It’s not just Niseko and Hakuba…This was definitely a report I enjoyed writing!

Although Covid saw a dip in sporting activity and expenditure, the market’s now rebounding strongly.

If you’d like to understand more about sport in Japan and the opportunities for your business get in touch!

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