Is Peleton pedalling fast enough on exports to boost its share price?

It’s a brand that has yet reach its 10th birthday but has revenue over $1.8b. No mean achievement especially in a niche category: high end exercise bikes and treadmills.

Photo Andrew “Donovan” Valdiva

Peleton’s bikes sell for between $1900 and $4300, it has 5.4m members, and sells monthly memberships between $13 and $39.

Peleton, listed on the Nasdaq, was one of the stock market’s pandemic favourites. Revenue growth has been stellar, and in January the stock price reached an all time high.

Since then, the company stumbled. One reason was a recall on its Tread and Tread+ products. 

The gradual return-to-office trend provides another unwelcome headwind; gyms are reopening and enticing new punters constrained by WFH.

At the time of writing, Peleton’s stock price is down more than 20% from its peak.

Peleton’s focus has been the US and other big western markets like the UK, Germany, Canada and recently Australia. The brand clearly resonates not just with cyclists but serious road racers.

There’s a ton of those in Italy, France, Spain and Belgium, a huge number of untapped new users for it to target.

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