Hamayuu is the first authentic Japanese restaurant to open in Chester, and it’s booming!

Last weekend I visited old friends in Chester, England.

Chester is one of the country’s historical gems, originally settled by the Romans; an old city wall which still encircles the city, a stunning cathedral and an eclectic range of shops.

This year the city welcomed its first Japanese restaurant. It’s called Hamayuu.

It was impossible to book a table, instead we had to opt for take out.

I do not claim to be a sushi connoisseur but in my opinion this was some of the best sushi I’ve had in the UK.

Also Hamayuu is receiving very high ratings on Just-Eat.

I hope Japanese firms who are looking to expand in the UK and Europe will pay Hamayuu a visit. The restaurant’s approach is unpretentious and everyday. I can see why there are many repeat customers. It is a great role model for how to expand Japanese food outside capital cities. Jetro should take note!

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