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Food companies leave FHA on full stomachs as the industry rebounds from Covid

I spent 2 full days at Food and Hotel Asia Singapore this week (FHA) and it was packed full of exhibitors and visitors alike.

There were over 2000 companies present, mostly packaged food, beverage and agricultural firms plus a fair number of packaging equipment and a cluster of wine and spirits companies. The majority were from Asia-Pacific but there was a significant European, North American and Brazilian contingent.

Tyson foods

The show covered 6 exhibition halls and frankly to visit all in one day was nigh on impossible.

Most of the exhibitors were smaller companies, often supported by a Governmental body but there were also a number of bigger firms present too.

Cheese export
Saputo Cheese

I met a lot of people, some I knew already but I also had many interesting conversations with new connections.

Overall I felt the mood was buoyant. I didn’t hear too much negativity given the current economic uncertainties, rather the atmosphere was one of relief that finally the world was opening up again. Everybody seemed anxious to do more and be open to new ideas and ways of working.

One big take out was the absence of Chinese businesses and visitors. A big contrast to pre-pandemic days.

A second was the popularity of local and ethnic foods.

Not surprisingly there were also many businesses promoting plant based meats as well as non-dairy milks and spreads. I got the impression competition in plant based meats is intense.

Nestlé Harvest Gourmet

Trade shows can be a hit or miss, but for me this one was definitely worth attending.

Singapore Redmart’s robot!
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