Listen up Brand Managers! 4 essential tips to supercharge your ChatGPT workday!

These days the noise about ChatGPT, AI and Large Language Models (LLM) is deafening. Whilst some marketeers are using ChatGPT not everyone is. Is ChatGPT more than a glorified search engine?

I wanted to find out more from an expert who has designed and managed multiple AI projects across Asia-Pacific. The question was straightforward:

What can Brand Managers and other marketing professionals do to make ChatGPT work harder?

Rupert Sutton

Marc Cartiant originally studied computer science in France and for the last 16 years has lived in Japan working on IT and digital transformation. Marc is also a Weben partners associate.

Rupert Sutton interviews Marc Cartiant about ChatGPT best practises for marketeers

Check out our discussion, filmed on the stunning shores of Lake Biwako, near Kyoto.

In the interview, Marc highlighted four important roles LLM can play to improve Brand Marketing productivity.

Target Audience “Signals”

LLM can help marketeers develop deeper insights about their target audience(s). Historically marketeers have relied upon ad-hoc surveys or focus groups to understand the needs, behaviours and beliefs of their target audience. Today, consumers are posting comments, sharing likes and uploading visual content to social media. 

This data, whilst rich, has been difficult for marketeers to dissect and utilise.

Programmed correctly, LLM can digest, analyse and synthesise ‘live signals’ to inform targeting and content messaging

Personalised Content

LLM can also adjust and create personalised content for specific target groups. For example, in the interview Marc explains how a dry and turgid FAQ can be developed and tailored into an appealing blog post.

LLM can also be used to create brand concepts (at Weben we are increasingly using ChatGPT as a first cut to share with clients) and bespoke email messaging.

Own search engine

Many LLM use publicly available data as their data source. However we all know there is a lot of information held within companies and organisations that is proprietary and confidential. 

Marketeers can create their own search engine to trawl, analyse and dissect POS Data, advertising tracking, consumer surveys, focus group reports as well as consumer complaints and call centre contacts for insights.

One of the most common comments I hear from clients is “we have lots of data but I can’t find the key insights!”

Super-checker assistant

International business is the core theme of Export and Expand. At Weben partners almost all of our projects are international in reach and scope. This invariably means working in multiple languages verbally and in writing. Translating and communicating in different languages is a challenge and there is scope for misunderstanding. LLM can be used as a super checker assistant to proof read proposed content, suggest linguistic and style improvements as well as checking grammar and vocabulary. 

If you’d like to learn more how LLM can improve the productivity of your marketing team or want to develop a bespoke ChatGPT toolbox? Get in touch! We’re here to help

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