It’s not every day that a British founded food business makes waves in France.

However being the first mover in the world’s gourmet heartland has advantages. Deliveroo was quick to launch its digital platform in France, with a promise of 30 minute delivery.

Deliveroo, Paris

Today it has a turnover of over Euros 50million and is profitable. 

Deliveroo has since expanded to 8 other European countries, but states France is the engine room of its continental sales with ‘increasing growth in orders and customers.’

In fact it now has two business streams. The first a consumer one based on 6000 restaurants and 10,000 riders.

The second, an enterprise model, Deliveroo for business. This targets corporate business travellers, who from their hotel can order Paris’s finest restaurant fare on room service.

Success has not been a one way street. There have been disputes with its self-employed riders, who saw a drop in their delivery rates in 2017. And competition is fierce with Uber-Eats, Resto-In, Planet Sushi and Foodora who exited the market in 2018.

Foodora, Paris

Deliveroo’s financial model involves charging restaurants listing fees, plus an undisclosed ‘back margin’ on sales in addition to a cut from each customer.

Whether Michelin’s reviewers will be taking the Deliveroo option is not known…

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