If having researched the market, spoken to potential customers and partners and studied regulations, you’ve identified some changes to product or packaging are required, what’s the process to make those changes?

Mini Case study: Sipsmith

Sipsmith was established in 2007 by two friends. It was the first traditional copper gin distillery established in London since 1820. In fact the founders had to lobby the government for two years for a small-scale distilling licence. Sipsmith was priced double to Diageo’s Gordon’s, but sales took off. In 2017 Japanese drinks mammoth Suntory purchased the business when UK sales were just £6.5 million. The brand is now available globally.

We are uncompromising in our quality in everything we do. It’s not just about the gin – which is at the centre of everything we do. We do things properly. We really believe in things being well made and the inimitable skill of something made by hand.

kate moorcroft, marketing director

In this lesson I take you a 5 step process to making product changes for export.