Anytime you make a movie, the goal is a wide theatrical release, with the right distributor


Whatever route to market model you have in the export market, whether it be an importer, a local wholesaler, joint venture sales partner or other, it’s critical to make and agree a plan with them. 

This plan needs to be updated and its progress reviewed regularly. The first problem most exporters have is finding a distributor or sales partner, the second problem they encounter is that distributor is not ‘performing.’

Mini case study: Distribution of FMCG Products in India

American snack foods giant Mondelez has over 65% share of the Indian confectionery market. One reason is strong legacy brands it acquired from Cadbury who had been present in the market since 1948.

Another less prominent, but equally vital is its vast network of distributors across all provinces. In the Gujarat state alone there are said to be over 52 distributors each with a turnover of at least Rs 400 cr per annum (US$50m).

Headquartered in Mumbai, Mondelez India has sales offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai.

How should you manage your distributor? Let me share how it’s done.