Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

richard Cushing

One plan or no plan?

Some clients I work with (it tends to be the largest multinationals) not only have very structured planning processes but in some cases, executives seem to spend most of the year planning, rather than executing.

On the other hand, some smaller sized businesses I’ve worked with either have no structured plans, especially regarding export, or worse, take big decisions based on very poor or limited insights.

The future is uncertain and one might argue it’s very hard to make 3 year+ predictions. However, building a plan gives management clarity of direction, prioritises investment and resource allocation; and most importantly reduces the risk of making big-bets whimsically.

Rupert Sutton

Exporting is a strategic choice for your business. Success can be opportunistic, but it’s much more likely you will have to dedicate time, people and other resources to making it work. Therefore a good plan is essential. One reason is to ensure alignment internally and with key stakeholders like investors, another is that a good plan is a check list, it will corroborate all your bases are covered.

In this lesson I’ll take you through the key planning components and share an export business planning template to use in your business.