I’ve just spent 3 days in Ullapool, Scotland. I had to collect my daughter who has just finished her graduate studies in Glasgow and decided to explore further North.

It’s a beautiful town in the county of Ross and Cromarty.

Ullapool was founded as a herring port back in 1788 by the British fisheries society.

Before WW1 the herring industry was one of Britain’s strongest export industries, the fatty fish were a favourite amongst eastern Europeans and Scandinavians. Two world wars, modern fishing techniques and changed consumer tastes brought it to a rapid halt.

In the last twenty years Ullapool has witnessed a rebound, it’s a key port for more gourmet fare, especially lobster, langoustines, crab and other crustaceans. 

UK exports of crustaceans exceeded £300m in 2020. But it’s not just British fishing vessels searching these waters for prime catch. Ullapool and nearby port Lochinver have become popular amongst French and Spanish fishermen.

If you have time to visit, it’s highly recommended. The weather is cool at best, rain in some shape or form is guaranteed. But the food is exquisite.

I ate at the award winning Seafood Shack. It has also published a cook book. You won’t be disappointed!