Founded in 2014, Huel markets high nutrition, plant based foods to fitness minded Millenials, mainly in London.

Sales in 2019 are set to hit £40million.

Huel uses a direct-to-consumer business model, one which has been generally more popular with cosmetics, toiletry and supplement businesses, rather than food companies.

Late in 2018 Huel signed a deal with to enter the China market. I was surprised that they prioritised China over other Western markets, like Australia, where there are similar groups of consumers to the UK.

I like the Huel concept, though admit I’ve not been able to try it here in Japan.

Huel’s challenge internationally will be IP protection, as the idea is quite easy to copy. It will not be difficult for a good food nutritionist to replicate their formulas.

Huel’s core consumer target, fitness minded Millenials

Huel has just taken additional funding from investor Highland Europe.

I’m sure their game plan is to sell it to a big food or Pharma company, like Dollar Shave, the Direct-to-consumer start-up, was bought by Unilever.

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