Going Global is a Strategic Choice

There are many compelling reasons to export. They include extra revenue, improving corporate image, protecting against domestic downturns, or strengthening competitiveness.

“My number one goal was to have an international business of some sort, opening in Paris, opening in Tokyo, opening in Singapore for example, that was always my dream, and so it came about.”


Today the world is more global and ever closer, where can your business go? 

Choosing the Right Export Markets is Key

Many companies that I’ve met in my thirty years of international business make the ‘Where to go?’ decision based on what others are doing. Or they choose countries that are topical, or make this decision based on a simple hunch. “It seems like a good idea,” is a comment I hear all too often.

Exporters can dramatically increase their probability of success by choosing the right markets. In reality some export markets are easier and offer greater returns than others. Choose the wrong market and the export journey will be long, involve lots of hard work and probably will be loss-making.

Follow a structured export approach

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a very long time ago


Export Roadmap

Success in exporting doesn’t happen by chance. Based upon my 25 years of International business, I’ve built an export roadmap.

All courses on this site are built around this Export Roadmap.