GradaR GradaR is a quantitative and proprietary executive assessment tool developed by Weben Partners. It’s based on 10 commercial competencies to assess the technical skill strength of your team across different geographies and operating divisions. GradaR’s benefits include:- Identification of skill gaps Informs which capability interventions are needed Competitor benchmarks Screening of new recruits Assessment …

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Export Business Models

Is a finding a distributor the only way to export? Distributors can be powerful, however, they are not the only export solution. Discover new alternatives in this course!

Export Team, Pricing & Logistics

Your export team will determine whether you succeed or fail internationally. Learn the major export organisational structures and the key roles and responsibilities of the team. This course also covers export pricing, logistics and risk management.

Export Sales and Negotiation

How to sell and conclude an export partner agreement. First learn what basic sales materials you’ll need – not all companies have them! Then learn to understand your customer’s needs, before starting a sales negotiation. Last, discover how to conclude a sales agreement; and the key components of a distributor contract.

Export Business Plans

A good export plan is essential. Your plan will aid internal and investor alignment. It’s also a check-list that nothing’s been missed. In this course learn the key steps and download a planning template for your business.

Marketing Sell-Thru

Trial and repeat are the drivers of your growth. Acquiring new users (trial) and building frequency (repeat) are the key to growth. Learn how to guide and direct your sales partners with proven trial & repeat activities, especially when they are unfamiliar with your category.

Who to target?

Deciding who to target is key to your export success. In this course discover how to segment and prioritise customers; learn 5 important needs that consumers, shoppers, trade customers and distributors have. Act on these insights to build a powerful commercial proposition!

Select & Prioritise Export Markets

Going global is a strategic choice. In this course learn how to maximise your export business by choosing the right markets Going global is a strategic choice. There are many compelling reasons to export. They include extra revenue, improving corporate image, protecting against domestic downturns, or strengthening competitiveness. Today, the world is more global and ever …

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