Lulu Lemon strides ahead

LuluLemon’s share price rose significantly in 2018, despite the Q4 global stock market rout, as the brand expanded into new markets, attracted new users and nailed down plans to enter men’s apparel.

Its most recent international expansion has been a new store in Macau which opened this month. Lululemon only entered the China market in 2016.

Lululemon has an international sales target of US$1 billion by 2020, 25% of total revenues.

Sake exports soar in 2018

Exports of Japanese sake soared in 2018 to over US$200 million, a record.

Hong Kong and mainland China was the biggest growth story with sales up 47%.

With better marketing, easier to read packaging based on consumer led insights, the Japanese sake companies can easily quadruple this number.

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“America’s role in the global economy was invariably going to diminish; we’re smaller as China & India and other emerging markets grow “ — Joseph Stiglitz